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Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary Compton

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About Us

Cannabis Dispensary In the Heart of Compton with 20 Cap Shelf.

Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary is an outstanding cannabis dispensary dispensing only the finest cannabis in Compton. All our products undergo independent laboratory testing to ensure the highest quality free of dangerous residues. You get only the best at affordable prices, delivered right to your doorstep. No cannabis dispensary in Compton can beat our service.

Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary was born out of painstaking attention to detail, and is inspired by love for our community. From flower, pre-rolls, vape pens, topicals, concentrates, edibles, and accessories, our products are all curated by our team of skillful buyers, and thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality. All adults 21 and over can shop, relax and enjoy cannabis in this safe and comfortable space. Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary is a place where you can bring your mother.

Your cannabis experience is a matter of craftsmanship. Our team of experts are committed to providing you with a product customized specifically to your unique needs. Whether you’re just emerging into the world of marijuana products or you’re a lifelong enthusiast, we’ve got you covered at Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary.


We carry a wide array of cannabis products from your favorite brands. Vape pens and cartridges, Flower, Pre-Rolls, Edibles, Extracts, and so much more. We know you have high standards, and so do we. Potent Lab Tested Cannabis Products

We offer top-shelf Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, and edibles. We guarantee your order to be fresh upon arrival. Each strain is tested by PharmLabs to ensure the highest standard of quality and potency. Take some time to browse our menu. Members can place an order and schedule their medical marijuana delivery for today or in the future. We pride our self on taking the extra step to assure a timely discreet delivery wherever you are in Compton. We offer our customers the benefit of a well-trained knowledgeable staff, personal friendly service, and a superb quality product.

Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary, from Compton to California, provide a safe space to explore, discover and experience all things cannabis. We cultivate a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere where cannabis experts are available to guide your experience and provide unparalleled service. Whether you’re seeking a medicinal solution or want to find something for fun and relaxation, our Compton dispensary staff has the knowledge and experience to get you there.

Each one of our products is chosen carefully with a focus on quality and effectiveness. We offer a wide selection of top-quality brands that will fit any lifestyle and satisfy any need. You can be certain that all of the cannabis products we offer for sale are lab tested and certified compliant under California cannabis regulations.

What more could anyone ask for in a cannabis dispensary?


Anyone looking for a cannabis dispensary in California need search no further. Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary has an extensive, firmly-established network of licensed suppliers all striving to provide our customers with the highest quality, most discreet weed anywhere in the state, faster than you could get it yourself.

Fast Delivery

From cities to towns and even the wildest country, Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary delivers to all in Compton, quickly and reliably. Get your order in 45 minutes or less..

Harvest Bloom’s priority is to get your products to you safely. We are prompt, professional, and extremely discreet. Our knowledgeable staff is here to provide you with the best service and information. We know that everyone has different needs and understandings of cannabis, from the new user to the sophisticated, we guarantee education at every level.

We Are Legally Compliant

Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary complies with all laws and regulations. This includes quality testing, using only state-licensed suppliers, and delivering only to legal adults and medical patients..

We Sell Quality

Our premium, indoor-grown flower is cultivated in a controlled setting so we can provide you with only the best. We monitor the entire process and quality check every bud. We stay on top of all things cannabis, so you don’t have to. From the latest breeding and engineering information to the most exciting terpenes, we focus on bringing you the bud you want and need.

We Are Authentic

We believe that everyone should have access to premium flower — our ability to manage the entire process from seed to sale means more people in Compton can enjoy high-quality, indoor-grown flower. Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary only works with trusted, endorsed marijuana dispensaries, and then only with those committed to your safety and extremely high expectations. Nugz With Attitude Cannabis Dispensary only sells pure, 100 percent natural weed. No pesticides, no heavy metals, no contaminants whatsoever. All products are lab-tested for consumer safety.


Choose the best  cannabis dispensary in Compton, with professional staff and a bright welcoming ambiance. We invite our customers to ask questions and explore the bounds of what cannabis has to offer. Our staff is eager to learn about your needs and goals as they relate to cannabis.

Browse our cannabis product selection online or stop by at our dispensary location in Compton at 4405 E. Compton Blvd. Compton, CA 90221 in California. There you can meet with one of our cannabis experts and start the conversation about how cannabis can improve your quality of life. We look forward to providing you an excellent experience.

Make getting the best cannabis products even easier with online ordering by calling us on 323-338-9412. Find your favorites or experiment with new-to-you strain. Simply add your items to your cart from your online menu and then stop by our dispensary to pick up your order! Getting great flower has never been easier.


Located in 4405 E. Compton Blvd. Compton, CA 90221. Our space is designed with comfort in mind. This allows us to provide exceptional service to our medicinal and recreational customers. Order online or come by and one of our knowledgeable budtenders can assist you with all of your cannabis needs.


Customer reviews

Best 20 Cap shop in compton! alwasy good vibes ! My to go shop ! they always have great

Freddy Knight

This place is the best with the best product. Maxie was the best bud tender ever. Very informative and professional. Will come back forever 👍

Aly Crowe

Eddy helped me out!!! Good looking out homie! n.n
Good spot!
Have a blessed day. Will be back asap

Ulises Guttierez

We take pride in our community.The entire staff is from our community. We support our community.


4405 E. Compton Blvd. 

Compton, CA 90021

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8:00 AM – 12.00 AM
Monday – Sunday

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Phone: (323) 338-9412